Immigrant Voices

The United States is a nation of immigrants and refugees, yet we always seem to fear who is coming next. The image of immigration has been increasingly damaged by politicians and the media. As a musical trio that is 2/3rds immigrant, Voci Angelica wants to use its artistic platform to tell a more comprehensive story of immigration, giving faces and names to this diverse group of people.

Voci Angelica Trio’s newest project, Immigrant Voices, will be a devised music and theater production that tells the stories of US immigrants. The trio will interview 25 people from different countries and generations about how and why they came to the United States, creating a theatrical performance based on their narratives. Traditional folk music from the interviewee’s countries of origin as well as video excerpts from their interviews will be incorporated into the work.

This project will be the most complicated, largest scale undertaking Voci Angelica has ever done. In the past, music was the starting place for planning new programs, but with Immigrant Voices, the stories are the inspiration. The creation of this project has challenged the trio to grow as a group as well as to stretch as individual artists, using new mediums, like acting and multi-media to push their aesthetic boundaries. Voci Angelica wants to connect with audiences on a deeper level about social and cultural issues, and Immigrant Voices will be a powerful way to challenge aspects of internalized bias and influence how people respond to cultural differences.

a call to immigrants

We are currently looking for volunteers who have immigrated to the US and are willing to share their stories with us, with the potential to be included and featured in a devised music and theatre production for high schools and adults. For logistical reasons, we need to limit the participants to people that live in Massachusetts or nearby areas. We want to cover as many countries, continents, reasons for migrating, languages, generations and social/financial statuses as possible. The interviews that don't get included in the final production will be featured on our website and social media.

If you are interested in sharing your immigrant story and learning more about the project, please send us a message using the form below. 

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In support of Immigrant Voices, Voci Angelica has been awarded grants from the following organizations: