“Passages:” A School Outreach Program Exploring the Migration of Music
Voci Angelica Trio presents “Passages,” an interactive educational program for elementary and middle school children. Students learn about geography, the early history of human emigration and civilization, and the diverse cultures, languages and music of six continents. Voci Angelica performs its own arrangements of world folk music re-imagined for two voices, cello and percussion. Audiences participate in the experience, answering questions in a quiz-show format, using their own bodies as percussion instruments in rhythmically infectious songs, and learning ancient dances.
Target Grades: K-8 (shorter program available for preschools)
Audience Limit:  400

A 25-30 minute adaptation is also available for pre-school students, taken out of the quiz show format with more direct interaction.

Booking: Young Audiences of Massachusetts, please email or call (617) 629-9262 x 303.


Common Ground: Songs of Love, Nature, Family, and Faith

When we say “common ground,” we mean a foundation for mutual understanding. Using our own arrangements of global folk songs, Voci Angelica Trio establishes a musical common ground, creating an aural foundation for diverse cultures to come together in unison and harmony. The Trio’s program fuses sounds from different countries, surrounding audiences with the beauty of cello, voices, and percussion interwoven into a single tapestry of sound.

Elemental: Songs of Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind

Inspired by the four elements, Voci Angelica Trio explores the ancient belief that all things in the universe, in their simplest form, come from the same source. Emphasizing the unity of all things. Voci Angelica’s program fuses sounds from different countries together, and songs like “She’s Like a Swallow” use Middle Eastern scales, African percussion instruments, English and Canadian words, with the beats of today’s rock ‘n roll. Elemental revisits ancient songs with a contemporary worldview with no borders, where the music of any place and time can change anyone’s life, and maybe it will even change their mind.

Pathways to Peace

Pathways to Peace explores music from places in the world that the shadow of conflict darkens. The Trio seeks always to promote social justice, raise public awareness of diverse cultures, and educate audiences on the issues humanity faces through our music. Pathways to Peace uses music from the four corners of the Earth to portray the essence of humanity: despite differences on the surface, in the depths of our souls we share the same feelings, the same loves, the same desire to live in peace and fulfillment.


Yule Songs: Music of the Winter Holidays

Voci Angelica Trio celebrates Christmas, Hanukkah, and the Winter Solstice with music spanning seven centuries and eight languages. Performing its own exquisite arrangements of familiar and unfamiliar songs, the Trio conveys the mystery of this season of diminishing light.

The Legend of La Befana: A Musical Re-telling

Voci Angelica Trio marks the passing of Christmastide and the coming of Epiphany by magically weaving world folk music throughout the story of La Befana, the central figure of an Italian legend. La Befana’s defining act is to leave gifts for all the children she meets on her journey because of her conviction that any one of them could be filled with holiness.